I wrote “Holy Matrimony” to reminisce on when I was in Cape Town with my love. On a lovely summer’s day I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo. We drove to the worst tattoo place because I wasn’t prepared to wait or book an appointment – he drew the tattoo for me. Every moment of this day was so magical. A few days later we found ourselves at the beach. Obviously it wasn’t a good idea to swim in the ocean with a new tattoo. I didn’t care. We held hands and jumped from a cliff straight into the water – NOW BARE IN MIND I HAVE FEAR OF HEIGHTS so this was pretty nerve wrecking for me. but he held my hand, through it all. just like how he held my hand through the pain and sorrow I felt in the last 2 years. I conquered a fear that day, that tattoo didn’t really heal too well, and I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out the way I hoped for. I was right, but I still remember the stinging pain as if it were yesterday. (this feels like a metaphor for healing) months pass, and it fully heals. To this day he leaves kisses on my tattoo. We revisited the beach. my tattoo was healed, and so was my heart. It takes an awful amount of courage to mend wounds you haven’t made. So, I dedicated the song to him. and to the mother of the ocean.Love is patient, love is kind. it is not boastful, it does not hold grudges. Love is safe. Love is soft. I named the song “Holy Matrimony” because love is we’re pain and patience meet.